What people are saying about Becoming Leidah

Michelle Grierson is an impeccable writer and fearsome storyteller, and anyone who picks up her book will be reminded of the wild things, the yearnings of the heart, and the echo of the gods in the wind and the water. Honour, Goodreads

“A highly-compulsive read ... stunning lyrical prose. I was completely invested in the storyline... A brilliantly-written book.”

@gwendalyn_books_, instagram

"...this is a truly unique reading experience that defies classification. For those who aren’t put off by the unconventional, this is a fascinating and exquisitely singular read that had me riveted from the first page."

 CherylAnd Other Tales Goodreads

"How many dimensions of literary delight exist? I think I experienced all here: surprise after surprise - micro to macro - subtle yet electrifying.

Both innocence and experience are in full bloom. Not just a fantasy, it’s very grounded in reality. Magical realism with an emphasis on both magical and real."

Jonathon, Goodreads

"....creative and unique writing style... Grierson has a very specific and sensory gift for description, making the ordinary seem magical...

take the leap and buy it...you will be taken aback by Michelle Grierson’s beautiful and vivid prose."


"I just loved this book! ... beautiful in every sense, the writing is so yummy, and you feel as if you've been swept away by the sea to Norway.... The story just unfolds and surprises the reader with each chapter. And the chapters are fast, and flowing!"     


 Hollie L,  Netgalley review

“Bold statement alert... This will be in my top ten favorite books of the year. Possibly top 5. (And I read a LOT of books). ... Every word was beautiful. @michellegrierson11 has created something wonderful. *This book earned the “Please Don’t Speak To Mom While She’s Reading” seal of approval.”

@kybooklady, instagram

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"A stunning debut that has left me reeling!...This story was WILD. Weird, wonderful, a slow-moving entrancing story that had me wrapped up like one of the Three Sisters’ webs. The beautiful imagery, the atmospheric beckoning of the sea, the mystery of Maeva and the picture that slowly emerges of her identity.. it’s magnificent." 


 Meghan, Plethora_of_pages Goodreads

“If you prefer your history with a dash of fantasy, dig in to Becoming Leidah, a novel that blends myth with the harsh reality of life in Norway in the distant past. ..Even the most supernatural skeptics will find Becoming Leidah’s details about nineteenth-century Norway fascinating.”


"Leidah, a shapeshifter, can move between the Nine Worlds. This is such a bizarre retelling of the Norse/Celtic tale of the fisherman‘s wife. The writing is compelling and peculiar... This is such an impressive debut novel from @michellegrierson11, who has already developed a unique style of magic realism."

@amihanbooks, instagram

"The writing was absolutely beautiful.... fast-paced and kept me intrigued through the entire book."

Alexis, Hooked to Books

"Becoming Leidah is just exquisite.... I’ve never read anything like it! .... The writing is the kind that keeps each word special & important, but the plot keeps on driving hard forward."  


Readingontherun  instagram review